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  • Altitude between 1800 and 3200 m pure air, altitude anticipating the development of red blood cells for the flow of oxygen. Improve your physical and mental health in a fabulous environment.
  • Scientific, personnalized and specific to Motor Racing
  • Exterior Cardio, a program tailored to each individuals needs : Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Touring, Tracking, Mountain Biking, Doenhill Mountain Biking, Climbing etc… All surrounded by lakes !
  • Races :  Meet our coaches for intense work outs on innovative machinery over a few days. The duration and content of your training courses are both personalized.

Home training programmes : a personnalized development plan with precise insructions for your home work out routine, carrying out your training pregession up until your next race or your next trainging meeting with your coach, including floow ups throughout the season.

Race Feedback : Technique and physical support throughout your Racing. Please consult us.

Telephone and e-mail monitoring : We will asnswer any of your questions on high level Motor Racing every day of the week.

Turnkey solutions : We will deal with all of your transport bookings and logistics and will supply your equipment.