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Gold for 3.2.1. PERFORM drivers

Sébastien OGIER
Sébastien OGIER

Sébastien Ogier is current holder of the World Rally Drivers’ Championship, Estéban Ocon, Formula 3 European champion and Lotus F1 junior AND Raymond Narac and IMSA PERFORMANCE, the current French Champions for GT Endurance !! CONGRATULATIONS to our Champions !





24h of Le Mans 2012 :

OAK Racing with Matthieu Lahaye : Rapidity did not rhyme with luck for the 80th edition of 24h of Le Mans. Even though Mathieu’s LMP2 claimed pole position at midnight in his category, unfortunately their race would be cut short due to a sudden loss of oil pressure.

PORSCHE Imsa : 2nd place in the GT AM category after an intense 24 hour sprint against a Larbre Competition Corvette for first place. Congratulations to Nicolas Armindo and Raymond Narac reaching high speeds and counteracting ex-official Peugeot 908 driver, Pedro Lamy.

Congratulations to Anthony Pons for his successful 1st 24 hours of Le Mans, after only 1 year of Motor Racing and competing without complex, he showed that he can cope with pressure and is very efficient. He has higly promising qualities with determined endurance !

CORVETTE : The proof of champions. Our team Christophe Bourret, Pascal Gibon, and Jean Philippe Belloc well earned 3rd place in the WEC Endurance World Championship, without giving up in spite of the technical problems transforming a powerful Corvette 70 into a car extremely difficult to drive and with poor performance

11th May 2012 : Drivers trained by 3.2.1 PERFORM on the Podium :

Narac, Pons, Armindo from team IMSA Porsche win the WEC GTE AM  World Championship racing the 6 hours SPA, on the 6th of May 2012 !!!

Previously, physically and mentally prepared with 3.2.1 PERFORM’s programme for a number of seasons, IMSA did much better in the SPA race than the World Endurance. The 3 Porsche drivers won the race with incredible serenity, showing professionalism and mature team spirit. « It’s great to see them easily progressing, enjoying themselves as they go, each one of them living by their passion and playing their roles with total involvement ! »

For Xavier Feuilléee, creator of 3.2.1 PERFORM who has been following the trio, the different courses programmed by 3.2.1 PERFORM in Font Romeu, being very successful in endurance, driving quality, effort management, team spirit and stress management… everything is covered, in the correct order…

13th March 2012 : Sébastien Ogier starts a whole new career : with Volkswagen

2012 will be the year where Sébastien Ogier establishes the development of his futur Polo WRC aswell as his intense physical training.


13th March 2012 : Christophe BOURRET, Pascal GIBON : from French Endurance Champions to World Champions :

3 years of French Endurance Championship with successful progression we have been following and helping them through both physical and mecanical aspects, aswell as finishing in 2nd place for the 24 hours of Le Mans, GT AM in 2011, we continue to see them through their new challenge : The 2012 Corvette World Championship !


4th of September 2011 : 3.2.1.PEFORM on TV (M6 Turbo) :

015200BE02394090-c1-photo-turbo-logo-2009-emission3.2.1 will appear on French TV program TURBO, on M6.

Click on the photo or on this link to watch it.




12th September 2011 : IMSA Performance win 6 hours of Silverstone :

IMSA Performance take first place on the podium for the LM GTE AM category this weekend at the 6 hours of Silverstone.

Congratulations to Nicolas ARMINDO et Raymond NARAC !


21st august 2011 : Sébastien Ogier wins German WRC Rally :

Sébastien Ogier won the 9th round at the German WRC.

Sébastien arrived at 321 Perform a short while before this race and signed his first victory in Germany!

Congratulations to him and all the best of luck for the next rounds !


4th July 2011 : A weekend filled with performance, with the 6 hours of IMOLA and the 3 hours of V de V of Dijon :

Our drivers, committed to each of these races, had a well awarded weekend.

Christophe BOURRET and Pascal GIBON finished 2nd for the V de V of Dijon and Anthony PONS finished 3rd !!!!

Congratulations to all three of them for their excellent results.

For the LM GT Am Category, during the 6 hours of IMOLA, Raymond NARAC and Nicolas ARMINDO win 1st place!!!!

Well done and Congratulations to them !!!



18th-19th June 2011 : WRC Greek Rally Victory :

Congratulations to Sébastien OGIER winning the Greek Rally this weekend..


Matthieu Lahaye gets back into competition :

After 15 days of training, Matthieu Lahaye, gets back well and fit into the competition.

Stability and regaining strength were put into account, without forgetting specialised training that was very useful for the race after in Silverstone.

Matthieu was as usual very determined and had a very stong character.

He came back even stronger than before his accident, Il revient aussi fort, sinon plus fort qu’avant son accident, which will soon be just an anecdote.


20th June 2011 : 24h of Le MANS 2011 :

1st race at Le Mans for our beginners : LMGT AM Category : Christophe BOURRET, Pascal GIBON et Jean Philippe BELLOC finish 2nd!!!

Congratulations for these amazing results !!


January 2011 : Opening of the new institute 3.2.1. PERFORM:

3.2.1. PERFORM welcome you to the new institute in the Pyrenees.

Come and discover our institute equipped with advanced technology and laboratories, all in a beautiful natural environment

3.2.1. PERFORM

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